Brahmakulam Pravasi Kshema Co-operative





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Brahmakulam Pravasi Kshema Co-operative

BRAHMAKULAM! - a symphony composed in the strings of beauty and a land endowed with myriad of boons and bounties that bestowed on us the glory of being very near to ‘God’s own abode’!. The enchanting life in our village - untouched by the mighty hands of industrialization and much of the repulsive transformation of urban sophistication - offers a paradise-like experience to anyone. The serene holy temple-tanks, swaying coconut farms, soothing paddy fields, our Shiva temple which dates back into antiquity, our “Palakkal Muthy” beneath the “Pookkula Kuthy” Banyan Tree, our ancient St. Thomas’ Church which peeps back  into history until the Apostle, our beautiful “Juma’a Masjid” with its never-ending timely reminders of “baank” to the believers, the sanctum sanctorum named “Vailithara” of “Vayal Bhagavathi” who protects our agricultural yields!.....all these make the village life of Brahmakulam a memorable experience. Far from the tumult and turmoil of the cities and big-towns around, our lovely habitat ushers us into a magical world where contentment and peace prevail...   Read More